Two kinds of wool

Wool as soft as a sheep

Wool is another natural material that the high-quality Mérens beds can't do without. Pure wool is natural. Its most important quality is regulating temperature.

Wool is warming and cooling. Comfortable in all seasons and at all temperatures. It's very soft, providing comfortable sleeping conditions by creating a constant temperature.

Wool is also strong, elastic, water-resistant, isolating and fire-retardant. A perfect material for a perfect bed. Together with horsehair, wool provides the perfect elasticity for your bed. Your body can truly relax and rest.

Camelwool handles cold and heat

Just like sheep's wool, camel wool has unprecedented qualities. Camels can handle extreme temperature differences and extreme heat and intense cold. We use this quality to our, and your, advantage; our beds are always comfortable.

When it's cold, camel wool provides warmth, when it's hot, camel wool cools. An ideal material. Just like 'regular' wool, camel wool reduces static electricity to ensure a good night's sleep.

Organic Wool Certificate (2 Mb)