Horsehair for optimal ventilation

Horsehair is one of the best naturally ventilating materials. Its structure is very special; a horse's hair is hollow on the inside, enabling it to wick away moisture. When a wet horse shakes his mane and tail, he's almost instantly dry again! That's why Mérens uses horsehair for top mattresses, mattresses and box springs, using nature to our advantage.

In making the horsehair suitable for use in beds, the hairs are spun and curled, followed by a long steaming process to retain and enhance elasticity and the natural character of the hair. This way, Mérens uses the natural qualities of the material to its greatest extent.

Horsehair in mattresses and top mattresses absorbs moisture that is produced while you are sleeping. Because of its ventilating properties, and by ventilating the bedroom, the horsehair 'breathes in' fresh air and 'breathes out' the moisture. Your bed stays dry. Mérens' beds have optimal natural ventilation, reducing the risk of dust mites to a minimum.